A wonderful destination for the whole family

Sheep Owl Lake

Being close to a nature reserve, Prince Bertil's Path and Tylösand makes Möllegård a popular place to visit. The area offers a variety of different activities. A rich wildlife attracts nature lovers, children love the sheep in the pen and the cozy paths in the forests make a great romantic walk. During the last couple of years more and more people have also found their favorite spot to enjoy some ice cream in the sun. Möllegård has something for everybody.

Möllegård has a long history. The farm was crown owned during Halland's time as a part of Denmark and still when it became a part of Sweden in 1645. Owners and workers have changed many times during the years. The Bengtsson family acquired the farm in 1855 and owned it for over a hundred years over three generations. Bengt and Anna Christiansson's daughters, Klara, Alma and Elin where all born here and was the third generation to own the property. Until 1969 when the municipality of Söndrum acquired it. The buildings and land are since 2004 it's own property which is owned by Riccardo Boggian and his Belgian wife, Sylvia Schlepütz.