Riccardo's Ice Cream

Delicious Without Additives

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Seven kilometers west of Halmstad, in Möllegård, Riccardo daily produces his delicious ice cream. You can find lemon sorbet, made from fresh lemon juice, ice cream from Italian hazelnuts and ice cream containing fresh Swedish raspberries among the 25 different flavors.

Riccardo adjusts the selection of flavors depending on the time of year. This is why saffron and gingerbread are only available around Christmas, and the raspberry ice cream, Riccardos own favorite, only a couple of months during summer. Apart from the ice cream and sorbet, Riccardo also makes amazing ice cream cakes. "Passionata" for example which is a combination of white chocolate ice cream and sorbet from passion fruit.

The cakes and ice cream can also be ordered via this web site and picked up in Möllegård.

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