About us

An Italian meets Swedish ice cream lovers

Riccardo by the ice cream truck Ice cream wagons Ice cream bar

Like most Italians, I love food in all it's different forms. I know how important a tasty diet is for body and soul. Life is filled with amazing flavors, but the taste of real, home made, Italian ice cream is one of the finest memories from my childhood. A memory I will never forget.

That was how my passion for ice cream started. But I ha a long way to go before I decided to followed in the footsteps of my family's tradition of making ice cream. After my education in engineering and economy I ended up in Sweden through an British corporation. Here I found people that loved ice cream but often only had industrially produced products available to them. This gave me impressions and ideas to start my own production of ice cream.

When I started "World of Riccardo" in 2006 in Halmstad my goal was to produce an exclusive ice cream of high quality. An important element was my family recipes, but even the best recipes are worthless without the right ingredients. I have, because of this, for several years traveled and and gone trough training in Italy, France, Germany and Belgium to find the right ingredients that make the ice cream as delicious as it is today.

Welcome to the world of ice cream that is "World of Riccardo" and experience for yourself what a truly delicious home made italian ice cream stands for. My hope is that you will never forget it.